The Bravo! Way: Building a Southern Restaurant Dynasty

Bravo! Italian Restaurant and Bar will celebrate 25 years of business in 2019. It’s an institution in Jackson, Mississippi. A destination restaurant where on any given night you’ll find people on first dates, fiftieth dates, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, getting engaged or just having a night out with friends. The restaurant is the brainchild of two […]

Ode to my smartphone

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You always think there will be more time. More time to share the things you love. More time to do the right things. In the middle of an inspirational day, I look down at you – and you stare blankly back at me. No sign of life. Nothing I can do can get you to […]

Running for my life

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My father never met a fixer-upper he didn’t want to fix up. My entire childhood was spent looking for our next project, fixing it up, and then selling that one to move to the next. He wasn’t “flipping” houses. This was how he relaxed. He worked hard at work, then came home and worked some […]

Writing Portfolio

Writing: Professional writer for 25 years, with experience in television, newspaper, magazine, digital video and business writing. Published author of two dozen nationally syndicated feature and news articles and two video blogs within the USA Today network. Author of news and feature articles published in: Mississippi 2 magazine, The Clarion-Ledger, USA Today, Austin-American Statesman, Jackson […]

About Dawn

Photo by Sheila Hennis. Dawn Dugle spent more than two decades as an award-winning journalist and saw all of the amazing stories that weren’t being told, because people just didn’t know how to share their own stories. She believes everyone has a great story, and her life purpose involves helping people get those stories told. Dawn […]