Dawn Dugle talks creativity, life pivoting, and listening to your inner voice

Author Dawn Dugle joined musician/producer/podcast host Steve Azar for “In a Mississippi Minute” on Thursday to talk about writing and the Flamingo Cove book series.

Dawn had always wanted to be a novelist, but some well-meaning people told her – “You’ll never make any money at that.”

So – she became a journalist, and didn’t make any money doing that either!

It took a global pandemic for her to focus on what she really wanted to do – write full time. In 2020, she wrote two Hallmark-style screenplays. In 2021, she launched the Flamingo Cove series with A Hot Flash of Homicide on March 1. The book debuted in the Top 500 on Amazon and continues to garner rave reviews from readers.

A Counterfeit Midlife Crisis was released on May 3.

The third and fourth books in the series are due out this fall.


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