Wysdom Ward Case Files

My name is Wysdom Ward. These are my case files.

I started my private detective business to help people who fell between the cracks.

The cases that the police wouldn’t touch.

But it seems I land in more trouble with every case.

And if I end up in one more dumpster…

The Wysdom Ward Case Files are short story comedic mysteries featuring the heroine from the Flamingo Cove Quartet.

The Reluctant Corpse (#1)

My best friend lost a body. Not good on a normal day.

Even worse when you're the Regional Medical Examiner.

The Missing Key (#2)

My friend asked me to find a missing key.

Easy peasy.

Except for the part where that key unlocks a big 'ole murder mystery.

The Snappy Senior (#3)

A senior citizen is hearing voices and wants me to prove they're real.

How hard can that be?

The Clean Sweep (#4)

Stepping into the middle of a longtime business feud is one of the stupidest things I've ever agreed to.

And I once peed myself to catch a killer.

Good times.