The Flamingo Cove Quartet

Welcome to Flamingo Cove.

You won’t get murdered here. Probably.

The Flamingo Cove quartet follows the love story of Wysdom Ward and The God Among Men, a couple over 40.

These spicy romantic comedy novels have a body count (a.k.a. mur-der) and are a happy ever after in progress which is complete with book four.

Who's Who in Flamingo Cove

The Prequel

A bad blind date, trash-talking ex-husband, and squirrels gone wild. It’s going to be one hell of a 39th birthday for Sergeant Wysdom Ward. 

Book One

A 40-something police sergeant. Her silver fox birthday present. She should have been more specific when wishing for a lady killer.

Book Two

Wysdom Ward finally met her soulmate. Then, he disappeared. After five months, everyone thinks she’s been ghosted, but she knows better. The God Among Men leaves her a cryptic clue that leads to a terrorist mastermind hell-bent on deadly revenge.

Book Three

As Wysdom and The God Among Men prepare for their happy ever after, they get the shock of their lives that knocks Luke right on his ass. But when their latest cases intersect at work, they’ll put it all on the line to save two children caught in the dark web of trafficking.

Book 3.5

Jake "Sol" Solomon and Dr. Faith Jackson finally go on their first date to a pirate-themed dinner cruise. It's all fun and games until the real pirates show up.

Book Four

On the verge of not being able to marry the love of her life, Wysdom Ward is forced to find an antique shotgun for a serial killer. But just when things start moving toward “I Do,” the happy-ever-after carpet is ripped out from under their feet. The bad guys underestimated Wysdom’s willingness to do whatever it takes to save her family.

The Complete Flamingo Cove Series Box Set