Suggested Reading Order

Flamingo Cove Series

This is a happily ever after “in progress” – a.k.a. cliffhangers. This series is complete.

Extenuating Circumstances: The Flamingo Cove Prequel (Flamingo Cove Book 0.5)

A Hot Flash of Homicide (Flamingo Cove Book 1)

A Counterfeit Midlife Crisis (Flamingo Cove Book 2)

A Crazy Midlife Miracle (Flamingo Cove Book 3)

Booty Call: A Flamingo Cove Novella (Flamingo Cove Book 3.5)

Jingle Bells & Shotgun Shells (Flamingo Cove Book 4)


Saber Sisters Series

The events in the Saber Sisters series take place at the end of Flamingo Cove. These are standalone happily ever after stories, but best read in this order.

Rock My World: The Saber Sisters Prequel (Saber Sisters Book 0.5)

Rock, Saber, Scissors (Saber Sisters Book 1)

Saber Stalked (Saber Sisters Book 2)

Saber’s Edge (Saber Sisters Book 3)

Saber Fool’s Day (Saber Sisters Book 4)