Suggested Reading Order

Each series is self-contained; however, the Saber Sisters series includes characters (and spoilers) from Flamingo Cove.

Flamingo Cove Series

This follows Wysdom Ward’s happy ever after in progress. Each book has a cliffhanger and a “happy for now” ending.

Spicy romantic comedies. Murder mysteries. Couple over 40.

This series is complete.

Extenuating Circumstances: The Flamingo Cove Prequel (Book 0.5)

A Hot Flash of Homicide (Book 1)

A Counterfeit Midlife Crisis (Book 2)

A Crazy Midlife Miracle (Book 3)

Booty Call: A Flamingo Cove Novella (Book 3.5 – Sol & Faith’s first date and a spicy epilogue.)

Jingle Bells & Shotgun Shells (Book 4)


Saber Sisters Series

The events in the Saber Sisters series take place at the end of Flamingo Cove. These are standalone happily ever after stories but best read in this order.

Spicy romantic comedies. Murder mysteries. Couples over 40.

No cliffhangers.

This series is complete.

“Rock My World” A Saber Sisters Prequel (Book 0.5)

Rock, Saber, Scissors (Book 1)

Saber Stalked (Book 2)

Saber Surprise” A Saber Stalked Bonus Story (Book 2.5)

“Saber’s Spark” The prequel to Saber’s Edge (Book 2.9)

Saber’s Edge (Book 3)

Saber Fool’s Day (Book 4)


The Pleasure Point Series

Pleasure Point is an island off the Gulf Coast of Florida, not far from Flamingo Cove. It’s home to a former nudist colony and a cast of wacky characters.

These are standalone spicy romantic comedy novels but best read in this order.

No cliffhangers.

No body count.

One in a Billionaire (Book 1)

Hard as a Rock Star (Book 2)

The Birds and the Beekeeper (Book 3 – coming August 26)

….more to come…