The Pleasure Point Series

Love in a former nudist colony

Pleasure Point has a colorful past: a nudist colony, pirate treasure, and businesses that are all named… euphemistically. 

Add matchmaking seniors to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for romantic comedies that will keep you up past your bedtime. 

These books are interconnected standalones told through first-person dual POV and are best read in order.

No cliffhangers. No body count. Couples over 35.

Who's Who in Pleasure Point

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Joy & Thorn

A woman billionaire on the run. A disgraced grumpy reporter.

They’ll find out the naked truth is hard to handle.

Darby & Drake

A rock star at the top of his game disappears to a nudist colony and gives up on love.

A karaoke DJ gets the offer of a lifetime when she’s down on her luck.

One song will change - everything.

Vi & Spencer

First love can be sweet. Or kick you in the honey badger.

The second chance at romance Vi and Spencer didn't know they needed.