The Pleasure Point Series

Everyone is coming this summer

Love is in the air in Pleasure Point, Florida.

The Florida Gulf Coast Wedding Destination has a colorful past: a nudist colony, pirate treasure, and businesses that are all named… euphemistically. 

Add matchmaking seniors to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for romantic comedies that will keep you up way past your bedtime. 

These books are interconnected standalone stories that contain:

  • Sassy characters over 35
  • Salty language
  • Steamy scenes for mature audiences

If they were movies, they’d be rated R for really freaking hilarious and spicy!

One in a Billionaire

A lady billionaire on the run. A disgraced grumpy journalist.

They’ll find out the naked truth is hard to handle.

Hard as a Rock Star

When life beats you down, sometimes the only way out is through a song.

The Birds and the Beekeeper

Sometimes love stings.