Meet Dawn

Dawn Dugle, Best-Selling Author

Amazon best-selling author Dawn Dugle is the creator of the Flamingo Cove and Saber Sisters series - novels that straddle the line between romantic suspense and comedy and will have you crying out for ONE MORE - CHAPTER! 

During her first career as a journalist, Dawn brought home 67 awards for storytelling. Since leaving the news business, she’s been focused on telling stories of women who are daring, sassy, and a little kick-assy and make you howl with laughter.

Dawn loves reading, pirates, and karaoke. In her spare time, she’s the personal minion to her cat Gabriel who thinks he's a dog and can’t sing worth a lick.






Don't let the cute face fool you. Gabe is secretly plotting to take over the world. Trouble is, he's only 12 pounds, cuddly, and doesn't like to go outside. Makes it hard to get that "world-domination plot" going.

Dawn has been featured in...

Huffington Post/Thrive Global


Authority Magazine

Startup Savant

USA Today

Austin-American Statesman

Jackson Free Press

TLC (The Learning Channel)

Fox13 - Tampa

CBS42 -Austin

WTMJ-4 - Milwaukee

Mississippi Public Broadcasting

SuperTalk Mississippi


What Dawn is reading

Strictly Professional
Bared to You
The Greatest Secret
Dirty Little Midlife Mess
Dirty Little Midlife Mistake
The Fallen
Fighting Attraction
Strong Hold
Keeping Lily
Stealing Amy
Reaper's Legacy
Devil's Game

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