The Saber Sisters Series

You met The God Among Men in the Flamingo Cove Series. 

Now, meet his four sisters.


Celia Saber Cruz's abusive ex-husband is finally out of the picture. Too bad she's accused of his murder.

It's not just detectives who have her in their crosshairs, but the killer too.

She'll need help from her sexy former fling - Flint Mendota - to clear her name.

They'll just have to survive the road trip from hell first.



Carolina Saber has been ghosted one too many times - which is why she agrees to take her brother’s co-worker Rand Kestrel to her 30th class reunion. Things heat up pretty quickly with her brand-new fake boyfriend until a ghost from Carolina’s past threatens everything.

Murder is the ultimate Sexy Times Blocker.


The truth won’t set you free. It burns your freaking world right to the ground.

Camellia “Cam” Saber has been living a lie. Now, she’s about to get burned by the truth with the one who got away.


Catalina "Cat" Saber refuses to become the lovesick fool like every one of her siblings. But when she’s forced to partner with a tatted-up biker to track a serial killer, she runs the risk of losing her heart, and her life. Especially when her new partner isn’t who he says he is.