The Saber Sisters Series

You met The God Among Men in the Flamingo Cove Series. 

Now, meet his four sisters.


She's accused of murder. He's her rugged protector. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

A serial killer picked the wrong single mom to frame for murder.



Murder is the ultimate Sexy Time Blocker. 

A 30th class reunion. Fake fiancé. And getting revenge on the one who won’t let you get away.


She's hard to handle. He's hard... to forget.

Sparks fly when two firefighters get a second chance at love. They just have to outwit a serial killer first. 


Motorcycle. Tattoos. Smoldering looks. And lies. 

Enemies-to-lovers. Mistaken identity. When Cat finds out who Ryker really is, someone’s going to die.