Midlife Dating

These standalone romantic comedies feature women in their late 40s and early 50s looking for love in the dumpster fire that is online dating.

They're about to take those bad labels that get thrown around about women and flip them on their online asses.

From a Bossy Bitch, to a Gold Digger and a Crazy Cat Lady...

These gals are getting their happy endings, and their happy ever afters.


Kandace Kent needs a big break. But this was not the one she wanted.

Kandace Kent has played by the rules her entire life. 

Discipline and Patience have been her constant companions as she rose through the ranks to Interim CEO.

She’s only one big break away from getting the job permanently.

Stumbling into handyman Buck Naylor’s life was not the break she wanted.

But when he agrees to let her move in with him, it is exactly what she needs.

Will these opposites build on their attraction?

Or will her career goals demolish their chance at forever?


Bossy Bitch is a standalone romantic comedy featuring a couple over 50, hilarious online dating stories, forced proximity, axe throwing, a love of Dateline’s Keith Morrison, and medium spice.