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"I never read an entire book in less than 24 hours. I could not put this down!"
"Crazy, sexy, and funny as hell!"
"A quick and easy read!"
-Amazon Reviews

Welcome to Flamingo Cove.
You won't get murdered here. Probably.
Flamingo Cove is home to Wysdom Ward, a 40-something detective with a smart mouth and plucky attitude until she develops an incurable case of perimenopause. Now, Oprah help the next man who tells her to "calm down."

This series is not for 20-something women who haven't been kicked in the teeth by life. Nor is it for readers who are easily offended by salty language and steamy romance scenes.

But if you like:

  • Romantic thrillers with a body count
  • Page-turners that will make you laugh out loud
  • Book boyfriends that light your fire (without farting under the covers)

Then, this series might be right for you.

Who's Who in Flamingo Cove

Book One: A Hot Flash of Homicide

Book Two: A Counterfeit Midlife Crisis

Book Three: A Crazy Midlife Miracle

Book Four: Jingle Bells & Shotgun Shells



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