As a writer, a little life experience goes a long way

I have always wanted to be a writer. I’ve been writing down stories as far back as I can remember. There are notebooks and journals and file folders FULL of stories that I started but discarded. Some were the ridiculous ramblings of a teenager with too many hormones. Some have promise and are still in the “idea” pile.

And while I was a journalist and freelance writer for nearly 25 years, I didn’t become a novelist until 2021, just a few years shy of 50.

There are times when I kick myself for not starting to write sooner. But then I realize, if I had started in my 20s, I’m not sure the novels would be my “true voice.” Plus, what the hell was I going to write about?

I’m not sorry I had another career before becoming an author. I met some amazing people, traveled the world, and gained some valuable life experiences. Honestly, most people wouldn’t believe the crazy things that have happened to me, so it’s easier to fictionalize it. (Now, you’ll be reading my books asking yourself if that really happened!)

Something to think about, for sure!

Now, if you’d like to see some funny pictures of me wearing “mom jeans” and sitting behind large-and-in-charge computer monitors, check out my #ThrowbackThursday video below.