How to keep teens entertained at Christmas

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After people see the video I shot for SuperTalk Mississippi, they always have the same question: what are the games you play? Here is a sampling of the games we’ve played over the years:   Coloring Contest: you get a Christmas coloring book and the big box of crayons and go to town. Grandpa is […]

Speaking and Book Tour Dates

2019 January 30 – Business Marketing Workshop, Jackson, Mississippi February 5 & 6 – Business Marketing Workshops, Tupelo, Mississippi March 5 & 6 – Business Marketing Workshops, Starkville, Mississippi April 10 & 11 – Business Marketing Workshops, Meridian, Mississippi April 17, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. – The “Secret Sauce” of Running a Successful Business, Reading and […]

Ode to my smartphone

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You always think there will be more time. More time to share the things you love. More time to do the right things. In the middle of an inspirational day, I look down at you – and you stare blankly back at me. No sign of life. Nothing I can do can get you to […]

Training & Speaking Engagements

Dawn Dugle is a highly-rated trainer and speaker who has worked with small, medium and large businesses, non-profit organizations and the federal government. Organizations that have hired Ms. Dugle report ten times the return on their investment. Dawn can speak on the following topics and much more: How to Create a Business Story That Sells […]

Writing Portfolio

Writing: Professional writer for 25 years, with experience in television, newspaper, magazine, digital video and business writing. Published author of two dozen nationally syndicated feature and news articles and two video blogs within the USA Today network. Author of news and feature articles published in: Mississippi 2 magazine, The Clarion-Ledger, USA Today, Austin-American Statesman, Jackson […]

About Dawn

Dawn Dugle is an award-winning storyteller and writer who travels the country teaching businesses and non-profit organizations how to tell and share their stories. She has helped small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and the Federal Government build their brands to reach more customers. In 2015, Ms. Dugle also earned a spot in the worldwide Top 500 […]

You have a powerful tool at your disposal, no matter what business you’re in, how much money you have or where you grew up. It’s your story. Your story is so powerful it can mean the difference between a successful business, and one that is forgotten within a year.  But if you’re waiting for someone […]