How to keep teens entertained at Christmas

After people see the video I shot for SuperTalk Mississippi, they always have the same question: what are the games you play?

Here is a sampling of the games we’ve played over the years:


Coloring Contest: you get a Christmas coloring book and the big box of crayons and go to town. Grandpa is usually the judge. Or you could use last year’s winner as the judge

T-Shirt decorating: the most festive design wins

Cookie decorating: same rules apply

Holiday word search: you use a Christmas song and people have to find the most words in the title within 3-5 minutes. Example: I’ll be Home for Christmas. You could find: home, chime, crime, mast, mace, mice, mill, sill, hill… (you get the gist)

The Family Game: It’s like the Newlywed Game, except you use members of your own family. How well do you know Grandma? Grandpa? You split into two teams: Team Grandma & Team Grandpa. Take them into the other room and ask them questions like: what was your first job? Where did you grow up? What did you want to be when you grew up? Then ask the teams to answer those questions. They all write the answers on a big piece of paper, and during the reveal, you find out who really knows them best. Team with the most right answers wins.

Dirty Bingo: this is a Dugle family fave. You play bingo for wrapped prizes. The first winner gets to pick from a basket of little fun wrapped prizes. The second winner can choose the first winner’s prize or pick another one. This is over when you’re sick of it. And the person with the most prizes is the winner.

Candy Cane pickup: you put a candy cane in your mouth, and using it as a hook, try to pick up the most candy canes in a minute.

Silly String Fight: this is an annual tradition. The “winner” is the person who picks up the most silly string from the yard when it’s over

The Late Riser award: last person out of bed wins points

Grandma/Grandpa helper points: extra credit for doing things you weren’t asked to do (wash dishes, set the table)


This is just a sample. You can make it whatever you want, and the sillier the better. We always have a poster board with everyone’s names on it, and as you win points, a sticker goes next to your name. After the ten games are done, you tally up the points and the winner is one with the most.

We also give out the Holiday Spirit award. This is the person who didn’t win, but had the best attitude during the games.

Oh, and did I mention – no technology allowed, unless you’re taking pictures? All phones, tablets, computers, etc. are left in the other room.

Merry Christmas.