How much do you charge?
We offer an hourly rate, with a four hour minimum to schedule your organizing project.


How does pricing work?

We require our clients to pay the four-hour minimum fee up front to secure a date and time for your organizing project.

If the project takes longer than four hours, services are billed in half-hour increments and payment is due at the end of each organizing session for the hours covered in that session, unless otherwise agreed.

For example, if we went six hours the first day – you would only owe the organizer for an additional two hours.


How long will it take?

The Organizer will do their best to provide you with a good faith estimate on how long your project will take, so you can budget accordingly.

That said, actual time needed may vary depending on circumstances, including the client’s ability to quickly make decisions and fully participate in the organizing process.

We also work at your pace. Some clients like a “marathon” pace – working long days to get it done. Others like to take a slower pace, a few hours here and there.

It also depends on you completing your homework before the next organization system.


I’ll have “homework”?

Yes. There are some things, like going through financial paperwork, that you may want to sort through on your own. Or you may need to take donations to charity to create space in the house for continued organizational work.


What’s the longest amount of time we can schedule each day?

We recommend no more than six hours per day. Sorting, purging, reorganizing and more can wear a lot of people out!


How do I know if a Professional Organizer will work for my project?
We offer a free, in-home consultation to assess the project that you are considering. We will offer you a good faith estimate in the time it might take and the results you can expect.

Due to COVID-19, we offer virtual (video conference) consultations.


Can you come in and clear out my husband’s clutter before he gets home from work?

Without his knowledge, absolutely not.

Decluttering and organizing works best if the entire household is aware of it and participating in making the organization system work after the Organizer leaves.


What if I don’t want anybody to know I’m re-organizing my house?

We value the trust of our clients, and accordingly agree to maintain confidentiality of all information about the client learned through he performance of services. We won’t tell your neighbors what’s going on, but if you like what we’ve done for you – we hope you would tell your friends and neighbors!

We do, however, require that everyone in the household be aware that a professional organizer is working and will be decluttering, rearranging and creating an organizational system for you.


What sorts of organizational systems do you create for your clients?

We work with the client to create a system that works for you.

If you like things tucked away “out of sight” – we can do that.

If you like to have things neatly arranged on your counters so you can see what you have, we can do that too.


Do I have to buy all new containers for my house?

In most cases, our clients have plenty of organizational boxes and containers that we can re-purpose for the new system. That said, you may need to buy additional items – or if you want completely new, all matching containers, that’s up to you.


What sorts of guarantees do you offer?

We are insured and we also provide each client with a Client Services Agreement that we both sign. It details the project and the pricing, so there are no surprises.


Will you be hauling out the stuff I don’t want to keep?

You make all decisions regarding donation of property and are responsible for transportation of any items to be donated. We can certainly travel with you to the donation location and help you unload.


Do you clean houses too?

A Professional Organizer is not a housekeeper, but we can recommend cleaning organizations in your area.


What if something comes up and I need to cancel or reschedule?

Cancellation of a scheduled session must be done at least 48 hours in advance (except in the event of an emergency), and must be done in writing, by emailing Dawn (at) DawnDugle (dot) com.

The Organizer will then reschedule your session for a mutually convenient date and time.

If not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance, client will be charged a $300 cancellation fee, which will be taken out of the pre-paid amount.

COVID-RELATED CANCELLATIONS WILL BE HONORED AT ANY TIME, WITHOUT A CANCELLATION FEE. If you’ve already paid a deposit, we can reschedule your appointment at a later date.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, cashier’s check or credit card.


How do I get started?
Schedule a free, in-home consultation to see if we might be right for you. Then if you decide to move forward, you sign the Client Services Agreement and pay the up-front fee to secure your date.