Christmas in August – Flamingo Cove Book Four Released

Flamingo Cove Book Four – Jingle Bells & Shotgun Shells is now available in paperback. The e-book will be released on Thursday, August 19, 2021.

This will wrap up the love story between Wysdom Ward and her God Among Men that has been four books in the making.

When I sat out to tell the tale of Wysdom, the plan was to write one book. See how it goes. But as I neared the end of A Hot Flash of Homicide, I realized there was more to her love story. And just like in real life, our “happy ever after” sometimes comes in stages.

Wysdom has a few obstacles to go for that HEA in book four – including an accidental SECOND husband, being blackmailed by a serial killer, and lions. Yep. That’s right. I said lions.

Just another day in Flamingo Cove.

Dawn Dugle is the Amazon Best-Selling Author of the Flamingo Cove series. A steamy romantic comedy series with a body count.