Book Two in Flamingo Cove Series Now Available

A Counterfeit Midlife Crisis: Flamingo Cove Book Two is now available in e-book and paperback options.

It’s been five months since A God Among Men disappeared off the planet. Wysdom Ward is trying to find him while simultaneously building her new private investigations business.

Women are the ultimate multitaskers. AmIRight!?

She has zero leads until she discovers a cryptic clue left behind by her lov..boyf…PERSON. He tells her to run for her life, but she’s never been one to follow your rules.

From goodreads review:

“A Counterfeit Midlife Crisis is a perfect follow-up to A Hot Flash of Homicide. The wise-cracking Wysdom Ward is back and more badass than ever. This plot is high-octane all the way. From the opening chase to the final facedown, Wysdom is not letting up when it comes to solving the case and saving her PERSON.”

About the Series:

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Who’s Who in Flamingo Cove

The entire Flamingo Cove series is also included in Kindle Unlimited.

About the Author:

Author Dawn Dugle is an award-winning writer and voracious reader who has been obsessed with positive storytelling ever since she could write. She’s brought home 67 awards for storytelling, including an Edward R. Murrow award.

Dawn is an author, screenwriter, keynote speaker, and karaoke goddess. In her spare time, she’s the personal minion to her cat Gabriel, who secretly thinks he’s a dog.