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Dawn is looking for Advance Reviewers for her upcoming books.

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ARC Frequently Asked Questions

An ARC is an advance review copy. These are early copies of a book about to be published. They're given to a group of people to read and often post reviews for that book on Amazon and/or GoodReads, although a review is not required to receive an ARC.
Fill out the form below, giving us permission to email you regarding available books.
As an ARC reader you must be able to open a MOBI or ePub file. These are the files you open on your Kindle or Tablet reader. Physical copies and PDFs won't be available. But don't worry, we'll send you a link and directions on how to download the advance book. Certified digital downloads of the ARC book will come through BookFunnel. If you don't already have an account, or the app downloaded on your e-reader, now is a good time to set that up.
ARC Team members will receive a link to Dawn's latest book when it becomes available - usually two weeks before the release date. This link is for a free digital copy of the book. If you'd like to read and review the book, click the link, and follow the instructions for download. There will only be a limited supply of ARC copies available. Read the book and leave a review, if you're so inclined, on the day of the release. If you leave a review on Amazon and/or GoodReads, please identify that you received an advance copy of the book within your review. One sentence at the end of the review will suffice.
We ask that people leave their honest review on release day, or within the first week. You're not required to leave a review as an ARC Team member, but it is encouraged.

Please keep in mind: If you fill out the form requesting an ARC, you are stating your interest in reading and reviewing the book. You don't have to review the book if you change your mind, but if you accept the free book and choose not to leave a review, you won't be offered future ARCs.

No worries! A helpful review tells other readers what you liked about the book, funny moments, things that made you think, and how this book is similar to others. (Example: "Fans of Stephanie Plum will love Wysdom Ward...") The best reviews come from the heart and are honest. Need more "How to Write a Review" inspiration? Grammarly has some advice here. Need some more
It happens to the most avid readers. Every once in a while, there's a book that just doesn't click with us. That's okay. All we ask is for your honest review, because if you didn't like something in the book, odds are someone else wouldn't like it either. And it may be important feedback for our intrepid author. And don't worry about hurting Dawn's feelings. She worked in the news business for 23 years, and people always complained about what was on the news, so she has pretty thick skin!