Abstract Artist Ginger Thomas: No ‘mistakes’, just layers

The first thing you notice about Ginger Thomas’ home is how relaxing and soothing it is. Various shades of blues and turquoise flow from room to room, just like the ocean that inspires her abstract art.

“I love the water – oceans, rivers, lakes, being on the water, being outside,” Ginger said. “I use a lot of inspiration from nature.”

She began painting in 2014 after her family moved into a new home with plenty of blank walls. She looked all around for art to hang, but just didn’t find anything she liked – or could afford.

It took her about two years to develop her abstract style of textured art that has captured the attention of collectors and students across the globe.

Ginger has had a love of art since she was a kid. She and her sisters would drag cardboard boxes home from the local hardware store. While the rest of her siblings were building homes and forts, she was decorating them with “paintings” on the walls and curtains she made from her mom’s dish towels.

“It started then, a decorating sense. I’ve always been interested in decorating.”

When she got involved in real estate, she turned that love of decorating into staging homes – arranging furniture and decor in order to help a house sell faster. She was really good at it in a career that spanned nearly two decades.

“That’s where I got a lot of my expertise from with my art and composition,” Ginger said. “Putting things together. Colors that work together. That’s from my experience with staging and decorating.”

Ginger began creating art that was peaceful and calming – just as long as it doesn’t look like something else.

“I don’t want to paint a picture of something I can look out the window and see. I want to paint a picture of something that’s never been painted before.”

But just because it’s never been painted before, doesn’t mean it’s always perfect. There have been plenty of times when Ginger has looked at the finished product and didn’t like it. What did she do?

“If you feel you’ve made a mistake, it’s okay. You haven’t ruined the painting. It’s always fixable. You can paint on top of it.”

She also feels the more layers you have – the better the painting. Wisdom that comes with experience. 

“I think if I had started 30 years ago, my art would probably look completely different. Just because I didn’t have the experiences I have had.”

Ginger Thomas also teaches her “Secrets of Textured Art”. Find out more on her website, by clicking here.

Dawn Dugle is an author and keynote speaker who loves telling the positive stories in the world.