‘A Hot Flash of Homicide’ Now Available

A Hot Flash of Homicide is the first novel by author Dawn Dugle and the first book in the Flamingo Cove series.

On the day she turns 40, an embattled police sergeant learns that she’s not only come down with a terrible case of peri-menopause but that she may never make detective. 

When she gets the chance to prove herself in a murder investigation, she finds out that her hot new boyfriend is the main suspect. She has to trust her instincts and prove his innocence before she’s arrested for murder too.

The longer description

If a woman turns 40 and no one remembers it’s her birthday, does that mean she’s still 39? And if you spend the first day of your 40s standing in a dumpster, does that mean this is how you’ll spend the next decade? Asking for a friend…

Sergeant Wysdom Ward’s 40th birthday is off to a banner start. 

She’s forced to go dumpster diving for a piece of evidence. 

Her doctor tells her she’s come down with an incurable case of peri-menopause. 

And to top it all off, her youngest brother has just made detective, something she will probably never be able to achieve because of the combo platter of a rookie mistake, her smart mouth and the burning desire to punch her boss in the face.

Peri-Menopausal Irritation is real, y’all.

Things start looking up when she meets a magnificent man who agrees to be her birthday present. They toast with Champagne and chocolate, which leads to making out like teenagers and a sleepover that Wysdom can’t remember.

When this God Among Men is accused of murdering a local artist, she gets assigned to the case, searching for evidence to prove his innocence. But he’s hiding secrets that could get the both of them killed. Wysdom will have to do something that goes against her very nature as a cop before she’s arrested for murder too.

FYI: This book contains violence against stupid ex-husbands, real talk about menopause, sexy time that is definitely for ages 18+… and murder. Read at your own discretion.