‘A Counterfeit Midlife Crisis’ open for pre-orders

A Counterfeit Midlife Crisis, book two in the Flamingo Cove series by Dawn Dugle, is now available for pre-orders on Amazon.

It’s been five months since a God Among Men disappeared off the planet. Wysdom Ward is trying to find him while simultaneously building her new private investigations business.

Women are the ultimate multitaskers. AmIRight!?

She has zero leads until she discovers a cryptic clue left behind by her lov…boyf..PERSON. He tells her to run for her life, but she’s never been one to follow the rules. 

To save her man from a terrorist organization, Wysdom will jump into a world of secret military contractors, knife-throwing badasses, missing dry cleaning, and 55+ retirement communities where they preach “no glove, no love.”

Wysdom is forced to face off with a terrorist mastermind to save the love of her life and her family before it’s too late.

FYI: This book contains off-kilter humor, torture, murder, and steamy sex scenes for adults only!