The Bravo Way

Bravo! Italian Restaurant and Bar will celebrate 25 years of business in 2019. It’s an institution in Jackson, Mississippi. A destination restaurant where on any given night you’ll find people on first dates, fiftieth dates, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, getting engaged or just having a night out with friends.

The restaurant is the brainchild of two driven, but very different, visionaries. Jeff Good is a gregarious, larger-than-life networker who never met a stranger. Dan Blumenthal is the focused and intense culinary creative who thrives on adrenaline and controlled chaos. It’s a yin and yang relationship that has been at the heart of the business for a quarter of a century.

This is the story of a late night phone call that would revolutionize the restaurant industry in Jackson. Everything would be forever changed because Jeff Good was about to lose his job.

The Bravo! Way shares Dan & Jeff’s 25-year journey as restaurateurs. From the concept, to the business plan, to training a workforce that has the lowest level of education in the country. It’s about how they survived the ups and downs of a partnership and friendship, and the lessons other entrepreneurs can learn.

Scheduled to be published by Sartoris Literary Group - November 2018.



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